About Us
Mesut Keskin
General Director

The General Director is the base of this event. The General Director is responsible for the creation, organization, and execution of the conference's substantive programmes as well as the commanagement of the Committee Staff.

Deniz Kalkan
Secretery General

Secretery General is responsible for assiging the heads of the organization team, giving directions to work with, preparing schedules for both preparation and event time, ensuring that everything goes eccordingly, and most importantly, making plans of the plan itself!

Sine Akgül
Deputy Secretery General

Deputy Secretary General is responsible for the same things as the Secretary General, but a Deputy Secretary General accompanies the Secretary General by helping them with all the plans, choices, and so on.

Ata Yekta Öz
Head of Academic Team

Head of the Academic Team is responsible for determining the committees and finding chairs that will moderate and prepare the committees. The team is responsible for everything else that happens in sessions, from preparing a study guide to chairing the committee during sessions.

Ceyda Gürdoğan
Head of PR Team

The PR Team is responsible for establishing a bond between MUN Light and the delegates. The PR team constantly tries to improve the experience for every delegate. This team gets in contact with all the delegates and if one has a problem during or before the event, they will solve it!

İsmail Durukan
Head of IT Team

The IT Team is responsible for all things technology related. From designing the placards, banners, and many others to setting up a website; this is the team you refer to.

İsa Zengin
Head of Finance Team

The Financial Team is responsible for all things money related. This team tracks down and constantly checks all the incomes and expenses and finds sponsors to support the organization in an economic way.

Sena Nur Sarı
Head of Entertainment Team

The Entertainment Team is responsible for all things non-academic during the event. The parties, coffee breaks, and all the other fun stuff that we prepare to give you the most enjoyable experience alongside our academic experience.